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Eyes Right Optical intensifies eco-friendly approach

Lisa and Mark Wymond eyes right optical sustainability environment

Eyes Right Optical has moved to 100% compostable courier bags for deliveries as the company continues to expand its sustainable practices.

National brands manager Ms Lisa Wymond said it was important the company continually sought methods to reduce the impact of its business on the environment. The eco-friendly decision to move to compostable courier bags will see postage rates stay the same for customers, but is costing Eyes Right more per delivery.

The new compostable courier bag.

The eyewear wholesaler’s decision forms part of a wider trend in the optical sector whereby more suppliers and eyecare providers are moving to sustainable practices to align with consumer expectations.

“Eyes Right has done eco-friendly practices before they were mainstream and expected from consumers, it’s just the right thing to do,” Wymond said.

Last year, the business developed a Sustainable and Ethical Practices Policy that included other eco-friendly changes the company has implemented over the years, as well as what its own suppliers do. This came in response to more frequent queries from customers about its environmental practices.

“Eyes Right Optical is committed to operating our office and warehouse in the most environmentally sustainable and ethical way possible,” she said.

“Over the years, we have implemented the following processes and practices into our business model, including 176 solar panels on the roof of the warehouse (10 years ago), LED lighting throughout the office and warehouse, and paper recycle bins throughout the office and warehouse.”

Eyes Right Optical installed solar panels on the roof of its warehouse 10 years ago.

The company has also invested in hybrid cars for its sales team, a staff veggie patch and electronic invoicing. It recycles all paper and cardboard, reuses returned bubble wrap, and consolidates its shipments from overseas – resulting in less packaging material and lower carbon emissions.

Wymond said Eyes Right held its optical suppliers – such as Design Eyewear Group, Morel and Kenmark Eyewear – to the same standards.

Its policy lists the various practices of each supplier, which include up to 85% of fibres from recycled cotton and 100% renewable energy since 2017 (Morel), Extra environmental costs regarding transport and energy taxes (Design Eyewear Group), and partnering with the National Forest Foundation on its ‘50 million for Our Forests’ tree planting campaign (Kenmark Eyewear).

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