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Eyecare Plus optometrists star in new series of videos

Eyecare Plus is set to produce a new series of videos featuring optometrists being interviewed about what they love most about practising independent optometry.

The video series will be shot in Sydney to coincide with the Eyecare Plus member boot camp in October 2023.

Eyecare Plus chairman Mr Martin Gregory said the planned video shoot will provide powerful content for digital marketing into the future.

“The Eyecare Plus brand is synonymous with independence and clinical excellence in optometry, so featuring our optometrists in video is the most authentic and powerful way of communicating those values and our point of difference,” he said.

Eyecare Plus has recorded similar videos in the past with great success.

“We shot a similar series five years ago and it was hugely successful, and video content has only become more important since then, so we are excited about the possibilities,” Gregory said.

Eyecare Plus is also running a substantial Catch-up TV campaign and members will also use the video content for their in-practice marketing and social media.

“The greatest strength of Eyecare Plus has always been our amazing people and we look forward to showcasing our industry-leading members with fresh, insightful and targeted video content as part of our brand marketing in 2024,” Gregory said.

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