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Eyecare Plus launches Catch Up TV campaign

Eyecare Plus has launched a ‘Catch-up TV’ campaign promoting their ‘locals caring for locals’ brand positioning – and the early results are promising for members, the group said.

‘Catch Up TV’, officially known as Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD), is an internet-based platform that makes free to air television advertising accessible to smaller businesses.

According to Eyecare Plus, the biggest barrier to entry for advertising on free-to-air-television in metropolitan areas has always been the cost of campaigns because traditional free-to-air-television covers large geographic areas, such as the greater Sydney or Melbourne regions.

However, with BVOD, businesses like Eyecare Plus, a group of 123 independently owned optometry practices in Australia, can reduce the cost by narrowing the target to specific postcodes and demographics.

“Eyecare Plus is the largest branded group of independent optometrists in Australia and sharing the cost of marketing is a key strategic advantage for us, and Catch-Up TV makes television advertising accessible for all our members,” Eyecare Plus chairman Mr Martin Gregory.

“This campaign has delivered great early results, and while it is impossible to measure precisely, we have seen an additional one thousand appointments booked online since the start of the campaign, with over 500,000 completed views per month,” he said.

The eyecare group said the media market has been greatly fragmented by the internet, and there is no longer a dominant mass medium like free-to-air-television once was, but that doesn’t mean people are watching less television.

In fact, it said, more video is being consumed on screens than ever before, but the options for how programs are consumed are now much greater – from streaming services and YouTube to the various on demand ‘Catch-up TV’ channels as well as traditional television.

“Importantly, this campaign is designed as a brand building exercise that seeks to reinforce our ‘locals caring for locals’ positioning in the market. It is not a discount driven call to action campaign so we can expect the return on investment in our brand to grow through time,” Gregory said.

Eyecare Plus is continually creating ‘locals caring for locals’ campaigns and working with suppliers on co-funded retail product campaigns, as well as health focussed campaigns such as child myopia awareness.

“Catch Up TV gives us a common medium that benefits all members, regardless of their location, and we can grow the Eyecare Plus brand strategically – which is another powerful reason to be an Eyecare Plus member,” Gregory said.

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