Outdoor light exposure – the first step in myopia management

At the completion of this article, the reader should have a better understanding of the role of outdoor light exposure in myopia management, including: Will have reviewed the evidence on outdoor exposure as a protective factor against myopia Understand the critical role of light intensity, rather than the absence of near-work, in myopia   Have reviewed RANZCO’s recommendation of two or more hours a day (with UV protection) for optimum daily outdoor light exposure to decrease myopia incidence Read More

Don’t forget about myopia progression in adults

At the completion of this article, the reader should be able to align their clinical protocols more closely to a best-practice approach to myopia intervention, including: Understand why axial length measurement is the gold standard for myopia management Understand the rationale and significance of accurate baseline measurements of refraction, keratometry, corneal topography and axial length in managing an adult with myopia Assess the treatment options for adults with myopia progression Read More

ZEISS now offering complete Kids Portfolio

Ophthalmic equipment and lens company ZEISS is now offering a complete Kids Portfolio, comprising lenses that cater for the visual demands of an increasingly digital world and the company’s new myopia management spectacle lens designs.
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