Dry eye disease and co-morbidities

  At the completion of this article, the reader will be able to improve their management of dry eye disease and co-morbidities, including: Recall the pathophysiology of dry eye disease Recall the mechanism of action of the various dry eye treatment options Identify the causes of a patient’s symptoms of dry eye Implement effective management strategies for DED and co-morbidities. Read More

IPL: A paradigm shift in the treatment of dry eye disease

  At the completion of this article, the reader should have a better understanding of dry eye management with IPL, including: Understand the role of IPL treatment in reducing symptoms, improving tear quality and managing inflammationassociated with dry eye disease (DED) Review the strengths and limitations of established dry eye treatment protocols, including tear supplements,
immunosuppressants and thermal heating Recognise how IPL treatments, following the ‘Toyos Protocol’, can improve DED symptoms and signs, reduce inflammation and stimulate meibum liquefaction.   Read More