optometrist role keratoconus

The role of the optometrist in keratoconus

  At the completion of this article, the optometrist should be able to understand their role in management of patients with keratoconus, including: Understand the crucial role optometrists play in identifying candidates for CXL Understand how imaging modalities have improved a clinician’s diagnostic ability for early stages of keratoconus Be able to provide patient education on CXL protocols and post-operative recovery. Read More
corneal collagen cross-linking keratoconus

A new school in corneal collagen cross-linking

Corneal collagen cross-linking revolutionised treatment for keratoconus patients when it was introduced in the late 1990s, but it was a one-size-fits-all approach. Two decades later, capabilities have taken a significant leap, reducing risks and improving patient outcomes. Read More

Advances in treating corneal disease

Advances in corneal research and development are shifting the landscape, potentially making transplantation of donor corneas – and even corneal surgeons – obsolete in future. RHIANNON BOWMAN investigates the homegrown projects leading the way.
Read More