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Changes in cataract surgery, patient expectations and collaborative care

At the completion of this article, the reader should be able to improve their management of patients requiring cataract surgery including: Review the components of productive post-operative communication Understand and manage cataract patient expectations Review the elements of a good referral for refractive cataract surgery Understand the types of IOLs currently available Read More

Dr Ben LaHood makes the case for hydrophilic IOLs

When a surgeon selects an IOL for cataract surgery in 2023, there are usually two acrylic materials to choose from. DR BEN LAHOOD discusses their differences and why he believes calls to limit the use of one material type, hydrophilic IOLs, are unfounded. 
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The latest and greatest from ASCRS 2023

Each year Sydney cataract and refractive surgeon DR PETER SUMICH blocks out his calendar to attend the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery’s annual conference. He provides an update on the latest innovations from ASCRS 2023 and their relevance to Australia.
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Schulte Holt toric IOL calculator helps time-poor cataract clinics

With manual processes and multiple data points, it’s little surprise cataract surgery is one of the largest sources of ‘never events’. Toric IOL calculations, in particular, are a major drain on staff time too. A WA couple have combined their automation and medical knowledge to create the Schulte Holt toric IOL calculator that eliminates these issues for busy eye clinics.
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Sophi system takes the fuss out of phaco

The phaco machine needs to act as a trusty friend to the cataract surgeon, offering an energy supply that efficiently emulsifies the lens while maintaining excellent fluidics for anterior chamber stability. A new system in Australia achieves this – and goes much further in terms of safety and simplicity.
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Co-management of cataract patients in a real-world Australian setting

  At the completion of this article, the reader should be able to improve their co-management of cataract patients, including:
Understand the rationale for pre-operative patient education, and review an example Review the benefits and limitation of the different types of intraocular lenses Develop conditions for improved pre- and post-operative care of cataract patients Read More