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Experienced optical mechanic joins newest sunglasses distributor

Sunglass Collective, the latest venture from the team behind Eyes Right Optical, has appointed a new optical mechanic with 30 years’ experience as its head of prescriptions (Rx).

Since launching in January with exclusive distribution rights to Bollé Sunglasses and Serengeti Eyewear, the company has implemented a full sales and support team across Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Mark Wymond, managing director of Sunglass Collective, said the new friendly optical mechanic, starting at the end of March, is new to the wholesale industry but is already familiar with the Bollé and Serengeti product range from working with it in practice.

“With a script sunglass program offering +6.00 to -8.00, the Sunglass Collective head of RX will be the contact person for anything to do with Bollé and Serengeti RX program and be able to offer help on any technical questions.”

Mr Wymond said Sunglass Collective was created by the Wymond family, owners of Eyes Right Optical, to offer independent practices an alternative supplier that is Australian family-owned.

“The idea to start a new company that is purely focussed on sunglasses made a lot of sense for us. It will make the company capable of reacting quickly to global sunglass trends,” he said.

He said Bollé and Serengeti have implemented a new growth strategy globally by having distributors worldwide, while still selling direct in the US and Europe.

Mr Michael Sakellaris, senior director of global sales at Bollé Group, said Bollé and Serengeti have a long tradition in Australia.

“With the new distribution through Sunglass Collective, backed by the Wymond family, we are convinced that this will continue,” he said.

“The Wymond family have an international reputation for the highest quality distribution, customer service and ease of doing business.”

Wymond said Bollé and Serengeti, as well as Morel Azur, are the first brands Sunglass Collective is launching. Eyes Right Optical has a 20-year relationship with Morel, which is continuing with Sunglass Collective.

He believes that the selection of sunglasses between these three “powerhouse French brands” will help independent practitioners stand out.

“We are particularly proud to present Morel Sunglasses to the Australian market, and our journey is just starting with Bollé brands,” he said.

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