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Expansion plans for Specsavers store network

Specsavers has announced it is ramping up its store opening program across all Australian states and territories, with five new locations expected to be the first of many over the coming months.

As Australia and New Zealand emerge from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the optical chain will add new stores in Seaford and Port Lincoln, South Australia, Warwick, Queensland, Newcastle and surrounds, New South Wales, and Belgrave, Victoria, to its network.

Specsavers operates a ‘joint venture partnership’ franchise structure in more than 400 optometry businesses and 175 audiology businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Last year average sales were in excess of $3 million per store in Australia.

The company’s director of professional recruitment Mr Raj Sundarjee said expansion of the store network demonstrated its commitment to growth, jobs creation and enhanced access to care.

“This is the first batch of new store locations we are announcing and we will publish more in the coming months. We also have an exciting program for expansion in existing stores too and these will see many more new ownership opportunities created,” he said.

Sundarjee said optometrists, retailers and optical dispensers interested in starting their own Specsavers business and who make the grade as joint venture partners are funded into their store by Specsavers itself.

“There is no need to access bank lending for shopfits or other capital expenditure items. Alongside this they are guaranteed a market rate salary package for the lifetime of their franchise agreement, in addition to the profits they generate in their store,” he said.

In terms of marketing, Specsavers has high profile campaigns and has built a connection with consumers in both Australia and New Zealand with its series of ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ TV commercials.

For information pertaining to would-be store partners, contact Ms Marie Stewart at

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