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Exceptional Graduate Opportunity – Glenn Howell Optometrist, Full Time – Hamilton, VIC

Develop confidence in your optometric skills and knowledge, with a Graduate Opportunity in Hamilton, Victoria. Qualifying in Optometry doesn’t mean you are confident in all the areas of eye care, and we would like to support you on your journey in a full time Optometry position with supported mentoring.

Learn to become a great diagnostician to make clinical practice and managing patients easier.

To support your Optometry journey, you understand the importance of continually improving your optometric skills, proficiency, and clinical competency to deliver quality eye care.

  • Learn the art of prescribing
  • Learn skills to help make you an effective optometry educator and communicator
  • Develop effective phone and letter communication with health professionals
  • Enhance your knowledge of ocular eye disease
  • Develop the ability to critically review the literature, and to present it in oral and written form
  • Further enhance your optometry skills by supporting other optometry students

This role is ideal for recently graduated Optometrists looking to further enhance their skillset. It has an emphasis on core clinical diagnostic and decision-making skills to set you up for a successful optometry career.

You will gain experience in the following areas:

  • Ocular disease.
  • The art of prescribing glasses, contact lenses and eye medications.
  • Vision Training.
  • Triage, including emergencies and same day eyecare.
  • Paediatric Optometry.
  • Optometrist level dispensing.
  • Optional: how to run an independent optometry business.
  • Cultural Safety Training course

Our graduate opportunity will give you the confidence needed to support your patient’s care and help you decide if your future is in a special interest area of optometry.

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