European-styled frames supplied ‘risk free’

Spectacle Warehouse Australia Distribution (SWAD), a Melbourne-based supplier will provide optometrists with a wide range of frames for display and which are ordered online.Mr Dheeran Makadia, director of SWAD, said the new business offered European-styled frames with no upfront cost, no long-term commitment and no ‘dead stock’ issues. SWAD is promoting two brands under the distribution arrangent, Merci Merci and Alternance.{{quote-A:R-W:450-I:2-Q: We provide 200 frames at no charge to independent optometrists -WHO:Mr Dheeran Makadia, Director of SWAD}}“We provide 200 frames at no charge to independent optometrists,” Makadia stated. ”The practice will have the full range on display and as a patient/ customer is dispensed, the staff would place the order of frame and lenses via our online portal.”He explained that the SWAD laboratory would then manufacture a new set of frames and lenses for that customer and dispatch the completed order to the optometrist’s store.According to Makadia, in addition to no up-front costs or long-term contracts between the supplier and the optometrist, other advantages included a free trial period, no dead stock because the practice only ordered what it sold, increased margin and bottom-line profit.“We offer high-quality lenses and freeform elite multifocals with Europeanstyle frames,” he added. “Our online web portal means we can process full-glazed bundle glasses delivered to your door in only 7–10 business days and at an exceptional price.”Makadia is a qualified optometrist and worked for eight years at a number of large organisations including Specsavers, Boots and Vision Express.

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