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Essilor Australia features double product launch

O=MEGA PREVIEW: O=MEGA will provide the backdrop for Essilor to launch a new single vision lens that supports digitally-connected lives, as well as a new coating range from OSA.

Essilor will unveil Eyezen Start for single vision wearers who experience tired eyes and fatigue associated with reduced acuity. The product is suitable for those who use digital devices for more than two hours per day and need to adjust their eyes for varied distances and small fonts.

The lens surface is digitally optimised for distance and near vision, with this Dualoptim technology using postural data based on average working distances and angle of downgaze to optimise the surface for distance and near vision. This new approach is said to reduce unwanted power error and astigmatism for near vision by up to 60%.

Meanwhile, Optical Supplier of Australia (OSA), which is part of Essilor Australia, will announce the launch of Neva, a new lens coating range.

These coatings are now anti-static and effectively reduce reflections, smudges and scratches while providing optional benefits of UV protection and blue light cut.

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