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Omega-3 dry eye drop arrives in Australia

NovaTears + Omega-3

AFT Pharmaceuticals has officially introduced NovaTears + Omega-3 eye drops in Australia, and provided new details about the formulation.

Developed in Germany, the therapy is said to be a unique eye lubricant and tear film stabiliser in a multi-dose bottle, specifically for the relief of evaporative dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction.

According to the ASX-listed company, NovaTears + Omega-3 combines high quality and highly concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids of algae origin and perfluorohexyloctane to provide enhanced lubrication and protection for dry and irritated eyes. It spreads quickly and easily across the lipid layer for a long-lasting effect.

“After the successful introduction of the original NovaTears eye drops in 2018, this unique, patented lipid layer stabiliser has continued to grow significantly year-on-year and has been providing relief to a growing number of evaporative dry eye sufferers,” AFT stated.

“NovaTears + Omega-3 works in the same way to help stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film, provide a protective layer to prevent tear evaporation and to restore and increase lipid layer thickness, and now with the addition of essential Omega-3 fatty acids these effects can be further enhanced.”

AFT stated the patented EyeSol technology in NovaTears products meant they were water-free, thereby preventing the growth of microbes. NovaTears is preservative and phosphate-free, while NovaTears + Omega-3 is phosphate-free and antimicrobial preservative-free because it contains a small amount of antioxidant to prevent oxidation of the Omega-3.

Both products are also surfactant-free, have the same refractive index as water (alleviating blurring of vision), and with their low viscosity and surface tension (four times lower than water) they provide excellent wettability across the surface of the eye, AFT said.

“In addition, their small droplet size of around 10–12 μL, compared to 40–50 μL for water-based eye drops, fit easily in the eye to help minimise spill-over,” the company stated.

For more information, contact AFT Pharmaceuticals on 1800 238 742 or customer.service@aftpharm.com, or to place an order contact Good Optical Services on 1800 814 693 or visit the Good Optical Services website.

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