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Dr Nathan Kerr performs Australia’s first commercial MINIject MIGS surgery

Melbourne ophthalmologist Dr Nathan Kerr has performed Australia’s first surgery with the iStar MINIject since the minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device became commercially available.

Performed on 1 November, he said the therapy was recently listed on the Prosthesis List and is now funded by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS item 42705), marking another milestone in a MIGS category bridging the gap between first-line interventions and more invasive surgeries like trabeculectomy.

MINIject – first listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods in November 2022 – is described as the only commercially available MIGS implant targeting the supraciliary space, which is shown to deliver safe and sustained control of intraocular pressure (IOP).

According to iStar, clinical trial data has shown a 35-40% mean IOP reduction after two years, meaningful IOP reduction to <15mmHg in most patients, approximately half of patients have become drop-free, low rate of complications and favourable endothelial cell density safety at two years.

“The iStar MINIject system represents a significant advancement in glaucoma treatment. With this new technology, we hope to bring about a paradigm shift in how glaucoma is managed providing more options to patients with glaucoma,” Kerr said.

“The iStar MINIject system, as the only device targeting the supraciliary space, introduces more treatment options for individuals with glaucoma in Australia. It’s a promising stride towards effective control of IOP and reducing the need for glaucoma medications, while ensuring simple post-operative management and rapid recovery for patients.

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