Dissolving contact lenses may be new way to treat glaucoma

Current treatment processes involve using highly concentrated eye drops at a frequency of 2–3 times a day with an absorption rate of only 5%.As such, the team from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), comprised of chical and mechanical engineering students, set out to create a new way for treating one of the leading causes of worldwide blindness – the NanoLens.The team’s superviser, Associate Professor Rita Juceviciené said they found using dissolving lenses as a drug-delivery method could optimise absorption by 30%. Aside from wasting less drops, it also means the medicine can be applied at lower concentrations, preventing eye irritation.According to team mber Ms Viktorija Pacharevaité, the students initially set out to create a more comfortable contact lens. However, when they discovered the amount of research already going into the area they instead decided to focus their attention on a wider probl.“We looked at the broader probl and decided to offer dissolving lenses for treatment of glaucoma,” she said.The project was recently awarded second place in the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge for Best Global Innovation Category. However, while it has received many favourable reviews, the team said it still requires further funding and development to make the treatment a reality.

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