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Device showcases Quantel Medical’s next dry eye innovation

O=MEGA PREVIEW: Following the recent Australasian launch of LacryDiag, Device Technologies will present Quantel Medical’s latest dry eye product, the LacryStim IPL system.

Adopting intense pulsed light technology, LacryStim is used for the treatment of dry eye diseases such as meibomian gland dysfunction. The device – which recently received European regulatory clearance – features a unique wavelengths spectrum and train of pulses to stimulate the lachrymal and meibomian glands, helping reduce inflammation.

These mechanisms help improve the tear film quality and reduce symptoms associated with mild to moderate dry eye.

Device Technologies will also exhibit Quantel’s LacryDiag – a dry eye diagnostic device designed to work in combination with LacryStim.

LacryDiag has already been launched to the Australasian market, and can automatically diagnose various forms of dry eye in less than five minutes. It allows eyecare professionals to analyse, through non-contact exams, the ocular surface to evaluate precisely the three different layers of the tear film – aqueous, lipid and mucinic.

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