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Designs For Vision – 2022 myopia diagnostics

Mastering myopia management with confidence

The OCULUS Myopia Master measures three key parameters to help make myopia detection and management easier and more reliable.

“Measurement of refraction, axial length and keratometry in a stylish unit, delivered with a comprehensive myopia software suite, helps provide clarity of diagnoses,” distributor Designs For Vision (DFV) says.

“Myopia Master is the only device to incorporate the latest Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) data for estimating future myopia progression, enabling personalised reports detailing a child’s current myopia status and their likely outcome in adulthood.”

Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, head of BHVI’s Myopia Program added: ”In collaboration with our research partners across the globe, the team at BHVI is continually engaged in expanding the state of knowledge as well as bringing solutions to reverse the rising myopia epidemic.”

BHVI’s data sets, with diverse strata of age, gender and ethnicity, improve modelling in a wider patient cohort and enhance parent counselling – giving practitioners confidence without compromise, DFV says.

Six metrics measured in 10 seconds


The NIDEK AL-Scan measures keratometry, optical biometry (axial length), pupil size, horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID), central corneal thickness (CCT) and anterior chamber depth (ACD). According to its distributor Designs For Vision, the 3D auto- alignment and auto-capture makes the process fast and easy; an advantage when measuring young myopes who may not be always be the most cooperative patients, thereby delivering real benefits to a busy practice.

The device’s keratometry is said to be “extremely precise” because the AL-Scan measures 720 data points on two circles of 2.4mm and 3.3mm diameters. AL-Scan is also ideal for “space challenged” practices, as it is a stand- alone device without the need for a computer, allowing it to fit where some devices wouldn’t.

“When you need fast, accurate measurements in a small footprint, the NIDEK AL-Scan delivers,” DFV says.

Integrated optical biometry for myopia management

OCULUS Pentacam family.

The OCULUS family of Pentacam Anterior Segment, total-corneal tomographer continues to expand on its diagnostic capabilities, with the addition of the Corneal Scleral Profiling module for 3D corneal planning of scleral contact lenses, and updates to keratoconus screening and progression analysis.

DFV says Pentacam AXL expands on its hi-resolution anterior segment capabilities with the addition of integrated optical biometry for total corneal IOL calculation and myopia management and monitoring.

The latest Pentacam AXL WAVE model builds on the Pentacam AXL with the addition of retro-illumination of the lens, to highlight lens opacities and defects, and integrated wavefront aberrometry and autorefraction of the entire eye. The result is a comprehensive diagnostic system offering a complete, objective, visual assessment from anterior cornea to the retina.

“The extensive abilities of the Pentacam AXL WAVE and its analysis modules make for an indispensable tool for screening, diagnosis and management of refractive and corneal disease, the lens, anterior chamber and cataract, more accurate optical prescriptions, surgical planning and myopia management,” DFV says.

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