Designers partner with attachable camera maker

Argus Vision, ClearVision Optical, FGX International and Vista Eyewear each created new lines of fashionable eye wear that were designed with magnetic metal tracks called the PogoTrack where the miniature camera can be attached.The camera is capable of storing two minutes of non-stop, high-definition audio and video, 12 10–second clips or around 100 still images. The body of the camera is as thick as a pen and approximately the length of an adult’s thumb.{{quote-A:R-W:450-Q: The camera is also equipped with a software interface that allows the user to control the camera wirelessly }}Each of the four companies has created its own line of optical frames and sunglasses. All of the product lines were made with the PogoTrack to make it more versatile and interchangeable.The camera is also equipped with a software interface that allows the user to control the camera wirelessly, which also allows more freedom for the user since it eliminates the need to take photos and videos with clunky imaging devices.Around two dozen varying styles combined from the four companies were showcased recently during the launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.Mr David Friedfeld, president ClearVision Optical said the company is “committed to developing unique technological products in and around the world of eyewear. Our PogoTrack collection is one way we’re delivering on that commitment.We’re building technological adaptability right into a pair of eyeglasses with this syst. You can use it with the PogoCam right out of the box, but the possibilities going forward are endless.”The Ocean Pacific collection will officially launch next month at the Vision Expo East Conference in New York City.{{image2-a:l-w:400}}Mr Robert Grow, executive vice president FGX International said, “The collaboration between FGX International and PogoCam is the perfect solution for our customers who are seeking the latest eyewear innovations, but do not want to sacrifice their look.The styles we’ve developed represent a turning point in both wearable technology and personal photography, allowing consumers to capture life’s moments with incredible style and ease.”Future plans for similar wearable technology include an ultraviolet meter to prevent users from getting too much sun on their skin and the development of a wearable monitor that prevents drivers from falling asleep on the wheel.

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