Death of Silhouette International’s co-founder

{{image1-a:R-c:Arnold Schmied 1925-2014}}In 1964, with his wife, Anneliese, he founded Silhouette International Schmied AG, headquartered in Linz, with the vision to make accessories out of visual aids that make people look good while improving their vision, which will be carried into the future by some 1,500 ployees worldwide.In a statent, Silhouette’s board of directors said: With the passing of Arnold Schmied, Sr., not only have we lost a great entrepreneurial personality, but a person – pioneer and visionary – who has marked the lives of us all and who, with his courage, his enthusiasm, and his joy, will always be a role model for us. We are grateful for a great entrepreneur and person, and will continue his life’s work with joy and enthusiasm, just as he would Lionel Minter and Cassandra Mow, speaking on behalf of the Silhouette Australia staff, said: He was a very humble man. We would like to acknowledge that the initial vision of Arnold and Annaleise Schmied lives on today, through their family and the business (still owned and administered by their children), as an absolute desire to not only rain an independent family business but to continue to research, design, develop and manufacture all Silhouette products in the facility in Linz only. He had a quiet nature but was always welcoming on our visits to Linz. He was rarkable and we will miss him, but are thankful he survived to the 50th year of the Silhouette company.  

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