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Cylite takes ground-breaking tech a step further

Australian hyperparallel OCT (HP-OCT) manufacturer Cylite has entered an agreement to integrate the recently launched PreMO myopia app into its software.

Developed by Professor James Wolffsohn and colleagues at Aston and Ulster Universities, PreMO (predicting myopia onset and progression) is described as an evidence-based myopia risk indicator software.

The app uses spherical equivalent refraction, axial length and parental myopia status to stratify future risk of myopia and can be used by clinicians in combination with their professional judgement to select evidence-based management options.

According to Cylite, PreMO presents axial length for individual patients (including any input past data) against predictive growth curves, as well as predicting at what age they will become myopic and how fast they will progress. This informs discussions on the need for treatment and once treated, its effectiveness, even though the eye continues to grow. The information can then be easily sent to a patient via email.

“This is a welcome addition to the HP-OCT software and makes full use of the fact that the device measures axial length with such precision,” Cylite said.

The app makes use of the fact that the device measures axial length with great precision.

“Given its utilisation of hyperparallel OCT technology, each axial length measurement is based upon information from hundreds of individual beamlets which can be used to track axial length growth in children over time.”

According to Cylite, the PreMO software performance, based on the refractive progression of children in Northern Ireland monitored over nine years, has been verified with independent prospective data taken from an ethnically-diverse sample of children in Birmingham, UK and an East Asian sample of children in Hong Kong.

“We are very excited about adding the PreMO software to the HP-OCT and expect that it will add another important application to its already long list,” the company said.

Cylite expects PreMO to be integrated with HP-OCT software sometime in 2024.

Cylite is a Melbourne-based OCT manufacturer known for its ground-breaking HP-OCT. Developed by brothers Dr Steve and Mr Grant Frisken, HP-OCT provides a novel approach to ocular imaging. It scans the eye with 1,008 simultaneous and parallel beamlets in a series of snapshot captures as opposed to a single scanning beam of light, like in traditional OCT devices.

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