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CR Labs unveils cost-effective MyoStock myopia control lens

Australian lens manufacturer CR Labs has introduced its new cost-effective MyoStock lens for myopia management designed to support visual experiences for children with myopia.

With the rising cost of living continuing to impact Australian families, the company said this lens provides the “latest lens technology at a competitive price point”.

The MyoStock lens leverages hexagon-implicated defocus segments (HIDS) technology and features a clear viewing zone surrounded by hundreds of evenly distributed hexagonal segments that promote peripheral myopic defocus. This approach aims to slow down eye elongation, a key factor in myopia progression.

“Myopia management involves reducing the rate of eye elongation. MyoStock integrates advanced HIDS technology to both reduce the progression of myopia and offer clear and comfortable vision,” Dr Fiona Om, professional service manager at CR Labs, said.

MyoStock also adopts high-index materials, making the lens lighter and more visually appealing. The thinner design is said to enhance comfort without compromising optical performance.

Additionally, to address the modern concern of digital eye strain, MyoStock includes a blue light filter that blocks blue light wavelengths, providing relief from eye fatigue associated with prolonged screen time.

According to CR, the interior aspheric design of MyoStock ensures clear vision through the central segment without distortion, delivering an optimal visual experience for users.

MyoStock also comes equipped with ultra-super, hydrophobic (USH) coating, making it resistant to fingerprints, oils, and scratches, and providing hydrophobic properties for easy maintenance.

“By integrating these advanced features, MyoStock not only addresses myopia progression but also provides a lens that is visually appealing, comfortable, and durable for everyday use,” Om said.

Set for a February 2024 release, the launch of MyoStock follows the recent release of MyoME lens, a premium myopia management solution also from CR.

“This solidifies CR Labs’ commitment to offering a diverse range of myopia management options for Australian families,” Om said.

For more information about CR Labs’ myopia management products, contact the relevant business development manager or email info@crlabs.au.

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