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CooperVision boosts clariti toric CL parameters

Australian eyecare professionals now have access an expanded range of parameters for the CooperVision clariti toric contact lens, allowing optometrists to fit a broader range of astigmatic patients.

The silicone hydrogel 1-day contact lens is available in around-the-clock axes, seeing the parameter options increase by almost 50%.

“This latest range extension illustrates our commitment to providing a wide range of stable, comfortable silicone hydrogel 1-day toric options, allowing as many astigmatic patients as possible to be fitted,” Dr Gary Orsborn, CooperVision’s vice president of global professional and clinical affairs, said.

“From sphere to toric to multifocal, and in every modality, CooperVision continues to offer the broadest range of soft contact lenses in the industry to enable today’s optometrists to meet the unique vision correction needs of virtually any patient.”

According to CooperVision, the clariti 1-day toric features a high-precision design that delivers “exceptional optical performance and consistent correction of astigmatism”.

In terms of rotational stability, nearly 100% of lenses stabilise within 10° or less from the optimum position within three minutes from dispensing.

CooperVision’s WetLoc technology also helps to ensure the lens surface remains moist and mimics the moisture dispersion of natural, healthy eyes. They deliver up to 3x the oxygen transmissibility of 1-day hydrogel contact lenses so patients receive 100% of the oxygen their cornea requires.

Click here to see the product specification and full range of parameters (new parameters indicated in blue).

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