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Cirrus 6000 offers major workflow benefits

cirrus 6000 zeiss

To combat the challenges associated with imaging various patients in a fast-paced environment, Zeiss has developed the Cirrus 6000.

Offering high speed image capture, larger field-of-view and high definition scans, the OCT device is designed to reveal the finer details of the retina over a larger area while allowing eyecare professionals to spend more time with their patients.

According to Zeiss, early adopters of the Cirrus 6000 have noted the new 100kHz scan speed offers significant workflow improvements and acquisition success, even for more difficult patients.

With OCT cube scans captured in as little as 0.4 seconds, this is said to bring an improvement of 270% on previous models. The Cirrus platform also ensures seamless transfer of raw patient data from previous generations of the device – enabling clinicians to maintain continuity of care, with trusted progression reports being a key factor in glaucoma management and other ocular diseases.

Meanwhile, the Clarus 700 is Zeiss’ latest imaging system offering 7μm resolution and ultra-widefield images in a variety of modalities.

Guiding the eyecare professional with live infrared imaging, and scanning almost the entire visible light spectrum, the fundus imaging system generates lid/lashfree, high resolution and natural colour images to accurately document clinical assessment of the patient.


Clarus 700


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