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Changing visual behaviour of 2020 revealed in new survey

Half of the Australian population is experiencing negative impacts to their eyesight due to rapidly changing lifestyles in 2020, according to new research from Zeiss.

The lens manufacturer’s quarterly Zeiss Visual Behaviour Survey found Australians are experiencing one or more negative effects on their eyesight, with 30% reporting tired eyes at the end of the day.

Respondents also reported eye strain and trouble focusing (24% and 21% respectively), which they attributed to lifestyle changes they have made during 2020, such as working from home and spending more time indoors using devices.

About one third of respondents (31%) said that social distancing was a factor preventing them from having their eyes tested, with the majority (43%) saying it was because eye tests are ‘not a high enough priority’, while 21% said the potential expense was a deterrent.

Nearly half (46%) of those surveyed rated their eye health as the most important element of their working environment, ranking above software and devices, the ergonomics of desks and chairs, and music or ambience.

Zeiss Vision Care Australia general manager Ms Hilke Fitzsimons said the survey aligns with the research and trials guiding innovation in Zeiss Smart Dynamic Optics.

“Our deep understanding of our changing dynamic vision, and visual-multi-tasking has lead us to create new SmartLife lenses. Designed using incredible new technology, SmartLife support frequent gaze changes between various distances and directions,” she said.

According to the company, Zeiss Smart Dynamic Optics support a dynamic visual behaviour, from very close to very far. They include changed lens periphery to allow smoother, clearer vision needed for frequent changes of head and eye posture driven by the way in which people interact with their handheld devices.

Zeiss SmartLife lenses are said to give single vision, digital and progressive lens wearers of all ages, all day visual comfort.

“This portfolio sets a global standard which we believe should be recognised as a single solution for ‘always-connected’ adults,” Fitzsimons said.

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