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Central topography module for the IOLMaster 700

Zeiss has announced that central topography is to soon be integrated with the IOLMaster 700 biometry instrument as part of its latest software upgrade.

With the new module, eyecare professionals can incorporate central topography into their standard biometry routine without changes to their workflow or hardware.

According to Zeiss, the IOLMaster 700 with swept source biometry builds upon 20 years of development. The addition of central topography allows professionals to begin their workflow with greater insights and preoperatively evaluate the corneal topography of cataract patients.

With corneal irregularities regarded as visually relevant in the central optical zone regardless of the intraocular lens (IOL) type, they are considered particularly important for insertion of toric and multifocal lens designs.

“Central topography takes posterior and anterior refractive powers into account to allow clinicians to detect visually relevant central corneal asymmetries right from the start before deciding on the IOL and consulting the patient,” Zeiss Australia and New Zealand surgical cataract product manager Ms Franziska Klatt said.

“The scaling and hues were developed in cooperation with Douglas D. Koch and Li Wang, MD, USA and are easily and intuitively read. Central topography is integrated in the IOLMaster 700 standard measurement and no extra time is needed – measuring both eyes in less than 45 seconds[1].

In addition, the latest IOLMaster software upgrade allows clinicians to send their biometry data and scleral reference images via Zeiss EQ Mobile to CALLISTO eye for computer assisted surgery.

According to the company, all data is accessible in the Zeiss EQ Mobile app on an iPhone or iPad, which is useful for surgeons that practise at different sites.

The software also includes the Barrett True K formula for Total Keratometry (TK)[2]. In post-myopic Lasik eyes Barrett True K formula with TK improved the outcome prediction compared to the Barrett True K with Classic Ks within ±0.5 D by >12 % (p = 0.04) [3].

It also gives the user access to the latest constants from the new IOLCon database to improve refractive outcomes. Because it incorporates the data from the User Group for Laser Interference Biometry (ULIB) database, optimised IOL constants for more than 300 IOL models that were collected exclusively for the IOLMaster can be found.

The new software with central topography is due for release next month for upgrade on existing ZEISS IOLMaster 700 devices, improving the capability of installed systems, as well as being available on new systems.

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