Keeping pace with coronavirus and beyond

One thing we have all become accustomed to since the outbreak of the coronavirus is that the pace of change has been constant, and it has been relentless. The landscape we were looking at last week – let alone two or three months ago – is almost unrecognisable from that of today. Read more

Defusing the myopia time bomb: What will the future hold?

Clinical optometrist DR PHILIP CHENG, who operates The Myopia Clinic Melbourne within his practice Eyecare Concepts, explains the current treatment landscape and why he believes clinical use of axial length measurement will be the next big step for disease management. Read more

On the road with the IDEAS Van

Originating in Queensland, the IDEAS Van has extended its circuit to take in five Victorian centres. Melbourne orthoptist DANIELLE THORBURN recounts her experience with the initiative in Orbost. Read more

Big data: Cracking the eyecare code

Big data is being touted as a key trend that will shape Australian eyecare for decades to come. RHIANNON BOWMAN examines how the sector is grasping a data-driven era and how this will impact future eye health models and policy. Read more

Can we close the gap by 2020?

In 2008, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults had 6x more blindness than other Australians. The leading cause was unoperated cataract followed by uncorrected refractive error, diabetic retinopathy and trachoma. One third had never had an eye exam. Read more