In pursuit of more precise vitrectomy

Vitrectomy cutters are the fundamental tool for vitreoretinal surgeons. South Australian retinal specialist DR STEWART LAKE discusses one of the latest advances in the field and how it’s leading to safer, more efficient surgeries.

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Home is where the harm is: changing trends in eye injuries

New research on eye trauma sustained during the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the launch of an international live registry of eye injuries, is building a bigger picture on patterns and emerging trends, as RHIANNON BOWMAN discovers.

WARNING: The following article contains content regarding domestic violence and graphic images.

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Cafa Huynh – a refugee’s journey to optometry

Cafa Huynh was the youngest Vietnamese refugee to be pulled off a sinking boat in a daring rescue in 1981. Today, he is clinic director of franchise optometry practice in Hurstville, Sydney. He speaks with Insight about his road to optometry in Australia.

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Menicon Australia contact lens

Harnessing the potential of your contact lens portfolio

Attracting and retaining patients with contact lens products has become increasingly difficult with the rise of online retailers. But Menicon Australia is one major manufacturer choosing to stick by independents with a portfolio spanning across daily disposables and specialty contact lenses.

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Business habits optometry optical

Finding your spark: Top business habits

From setting goals and aligning values, to investing in technology and asking for feedback, there is no shortage of effective business habits for successful small-to-medium optical enterprises. Four leading Australian optometrists, an optical dispenser and a practice manager from various locations share what works best for them.

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Luxottica OPSM Norwood

Luxottica’s premiumisation plans

MATTEO ACCORNERO was appointed to lead Luxottica’s retail business in ANZ a year ago and is now overseeing a major investment program across the company’s optical stores aimed at elevating the end-to-end customer experience.

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Dr David Lubeck

It’s all about the (aqueous) flow

When it comes to the treatment of glaucoma, there is growing evidence to suggest that the ability to re-establish the natural flow of aqueous humour plays a critical role not only in reducing IOP, but also in preserving the health of the corneal endothelium, says US ophthalmologist DR DAVID LUBECK.

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