Mojo Vision eyes fitness wearables market with smart contact lens

Smart contact lens startup Mojo Vision has signed strategic partnerships with leading sports and fitness brands. The company says it has identified an opportunity in the wearables market to deliver real-time performance data to athletes through its hands-free, eye-controlled user interface. Read more

Honouring the preservative-free mantra

Ophthalmic products are a significant contributor to AFT Pharmaceuticals’ bottom line. Combined with an unmet need for preservative-free products, the company is highly motivated to expand its pipeline, says CEO and founder DR HARTLEY ATKINSON. Read more

In pursuit of more precise vitrectomy

Vitrectomy cutters are the fundamental tool for vitreoretinal surgeons. South Australian retinal specialist DR STEWART LAKE discusses one of the latest advances in the field and how it’s leading to safer, more efficient surgeries.

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Oaklet Ojector a cut above

An extension of the Ahyris family of Oakley eyewear styles that feature a unique design element on the frame, the universally flattering silhouette of Ojector sets it apart.

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Zeiss systems streamline glaucoma management

In an ageing population with an increased disease burden, clinicians are seeking ways to manage glaucoma patients routinely presenting in already busy practices. One of these clinicians, Dr Jed Lusthaus, a glaucoma specialist at Sydney Eye Hospital and director of Eyehaus, is tackling these challenges by using an integrated, multi-modality approach to overlay and associate raw data from diagnostic devices when managing his patients.

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Compact Touch – three-in-one ultrasound system

Compact in design and definitive in diagnosis, the new A/B/P ultrasound platform from Quantel Medical/Ellex is designed to transform views of even the finest ocular structures, enabling users to visualise, diagnose and treat more accurately and efficiently. Read more

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