Dispelling myths around regional practice

Orthoptist Alina Sayer says many colleagues are reluctant to relocate to regional communities fearing a lack of support or job satisfaction. Her experience in central Queensland has been to the contrary. Read more

Low vision services and border restrictions

The logistical headaches associated with COVID-19 restrictions are most pronounced in border communities. Orthoptist MEAGAN ANDERSON discusses the impact it is having on low vision clients and clinicians. Read more

Orthoptists and clinical research

Orthoptists play an integral role in clinical research across Australia. Western Australian orthoptist GARETH LINGHAM outlines his work at the Lions Eye Institute and how it has benefited his practice. Read more

Inside an orthoptic-led cataract clinic

A new clinic led by upskilled orthoptists is helping a leading Melbourne hospital reduce cataract wait times and streamline follow up appointments. JULIE TAYLOR reflects on its successes and future plans. Read more

Operating the corneal eye bank

The Lions Eye Donation Service plays an essential role ensuring the timely retrieval and allocation of corneal transplant tissue. TERRY COUPER discusses its inner workings. Read more

OAW: Keep calm and carry on patching

Orthoptics Awareness Week is taking place between 1-5 June with the theme ‘Seeing the future’. In the fourth article of a five-part series, Western Australian orthoptist HOLLY BROWN discusses a unique intervention to ensure children keep patching during COVID-19. Read more