Patient records – access and ownership

From cyber security to protecting business interests, there are a host of considerations surrounding patient records. KAREN CROUCH drills down into this crucial facet of practice management. Read more

Upward trajectory: Eyecare sector charts recovery path

Following the COVID-19 peak, Insight issued a sentiment survey to understand the eyecare sector’s views on topics ranging from the government’s crisis response to industry confidence. Here, we reveal the findings and talk to business owners about their experiences. Read more

Managing risk in the practice

The coronavirus crisis was a disaster few had on their radar. KAREN CROUCH explains how a risk management plan can reduce a practice’s exposure during a downturn. Read more

Surviving the loss of key personnel

Temp staff or locums can fill the void of an absent staff member, but only offer a short-term solution. KAREN CROUCH explains how succession planning can be beneficial to a business and its staff. Read more

Managing your wage compliance

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance,” former US deputy attorney general Paul McNulty once said. JULIE LARKIN explains what Fair Work expects from practices.

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Preparing for the worst

It doesn’t take too much for a healthcare practice to have its service disrupted. KAREN CROUCH explains how business continuity planning can mitigate the potential for damage. Read more