A one-stop-shop for patient attraction and retention

Staff across Ocula’s independent optometry network grew tired of their intricate appointment booking system. It’s now been streamlined thanks to a new relationship with a health service platform that’s also driving the business’s digital marketing to patients. Read more

Informed medical consent

Informed consent can be a complex area of medicine, especially when the patient is incapable of doing so themselves. KAREN CROUCH says practitioners need to understand their rights and responsibilities. Read more

New active ingredient prescribing regulations

New prescribing regulations come into force early next year designed to encourage greater use of generic and biosimilar medicines and improve patient awareness. Find out what these changes are and how they will be embedded in to practice management software.
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Patient records – access and ownership

From cyber security to protecting business interests, there are a host of considerations surrounding patient records. KAREN CROUCH drills down into this crucial facet of practice management. Read more

Upward trajectory: Eyecare sector charts recovery path

Following the COVID-19 peak, Insight issued a sentiment survey to understand the eyecare sector’s views on topics ranging from the government’s crisis response to industry confidence. Here, we reveal the findings and talk to business owners about their experiences. Read more

Managing risk in the practice

The coronavirus crisis was a disaster few had on their radar. KAREN CROUCH explains how a risk management plan can reduce a practice’s exposure during a downturn. Read more