Time to update and renovate?

Whether it’s a newly acquired optical practice, or a well-established business needing a major facelift, the decision to renovate requires significant investment, planning and patience. Read more

Buying into the independent optometry dream

As the current economic climate prompts optometrists to reconsider practice valuations, exit plans and buyer interest, RHIANNON BOWMAN reflects on where opportunities lie for the next generation of independent practice owners. Read more

ScriptCheckSA – Is your practice ready?

If you’re located in Victoria, or you’ve kept pace with the release of the state government’s SafeScripts initiative that enables monitoring of high risk medicines, you may be aware that other states will soon be following suit.

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The perils of treating friends and family

The Medical Board of Australia has updated its guidance about treating people whom a practitioner is in a personal relationship with. Avant’s JAMESON ABADAM and DR USHMA NARSAI detail the risks involved. Read more

A one-stop-shop for patient attraction and retention

Staff across Ocula’s independent optometry network grew tired of their intricate appointment booking system. It’s now been streamlined thanks to a new relationship with a health service platform that’s also driving the business’s digital marketing to patients. Read more

Informed medical consent

Informed consent can be a complex area of medicine, especially when the patient is incapable of doing so themselves. KAREN CROUCH says practitioners need to understand their rights and responsibilities. Read more