Preventing sexual harassment

In our June issue, Avant’s SONYA BLACK explored employers’ legal obligations when faced with a sexual harassment allegation. This month she has 10 tips on how to prevent it from occurring in the practice. Read more

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Call to action: Patient reminders

How a practice approaches patient recalls can determine their success from both a clinical and business perspective. It is also a field that’s ripe for innovation, writes RHIANNON BOWMAN. Read more

Retirement plan Protecting your future

Protecting your future

Health professionals devote their careers to improving their patients’ lives, so why don’t they afford as much attention to their own futures? KAREN CROUCH explains the benefits of planning ahead. Read more

Sexual harassment australia optometry health ophthalmology

Sexual harassment: could you be liable?

Sexual harassment has received a lot of media attention in recent months. Managing cases in the workplace can be challenging. Avant’s SONYA BLACK explains what it is and employers’ legal obligations. Read more

Workplace bullying regulations

Last month’s column on workplace bullying focused on how to identify the problem and manage complaints. This month, KAREN CROUCH delves into Fair Work regulations and employers’ legal obligations. Read more

Managing workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a widespread problem in the medical profession and can be a difficult path to navigate for all involved. Avant’s SONYA BLACK examines how to identify it and manage complaints. Read more

Active ingredient prescribing – eight weeks on

It’s now been approximately eight weeks since the Australian Government mandated that those prescribing medication needed to include the active ingredient names when preparing a prescription. There are some exceptions to this which will be covered below. Read more