Vertex distance, every millimetre counts

High-powered lenses still require the back vertex distance to be measured otherwise the wearer may not get the best out of their lenses. Steven Daras dissects this underused dispensing measurement. Read more

Streamlining the optometric Medicare schedule

With optometrists performing three-quarters of all eye exams in Australia, the optometric Medicare schedule has a major bearing on the quality of eye health in this country. Insight dives into the MBS Taskforce’s endorsed report that could reshape primary eyecare for decades to come.

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The world of neuro-ophthalmology

Neuro-ophthalmology (N/O) is an interesting subspecialty because it crosses boundaries. Almost exclusively a ‘medical–type’ specialty rather than ‘surgical’, about half of its practitioners in Australia and New Zealand are neurologists and the other half are ophthalmologists.

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Making the independent optometrist look good

Zacharia Naumann Optometry has made its frames range a defining feature of its practice. Practice manager BERNIE ZACHARIA explains how a 15-year partnership with Eyes Right Optical has helped the business flourish in the face of increasing competition.

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How optometry is bouncing back

Specsavers data has quantified the impact of extended lockdowns on Victorian eye health for the first time. DR BEN ASHBY delves into the data, and explains why metropolitan Melbourne isn’t out of the woods yet.

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diabetic eyecare specsavers

Complexities and care for glaucoma suspects

The pathway for glaucoma suspects isn’t always clear cut with many maintaining this classification for prolonged periods. A major eyecare provider outlines its efforts to keep on top of this group, underpinned by a robust communications strategy.

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Making a stand for MBGS under Medicare

Advances in glaucoma stent technology far outstripped the Medicare schedule early on, creating a disconnect that had far-reaching consequences. As Australia marks World Glaucoma Week this 7-13 March, Insight traces the turbulent MBGS journey that’s now considered an ophthalmology success story.

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What’s in store for 2021?

With one of the most turbulent years in living memory behind us, this year promises to be a year of recovery and renewal. We ask some of the Australian ophthalmic sector’s brightest minds to gaze into their crystal ball and predict what’s ahead in 2021.

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