An IOL to change the cataract surgery paradigm?

Alcon’s newest EDOF intraocular lens has only been available to a handful of Australian ophthalmologists, but it’s already receiving major plaudits. Could it really change the game for cataract patients and spell the end of monofocals as we know them? MYLES HUME explains. 

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Hygiene reigns supreme in return to practice

The days of casually leaning on the reception desk at medical clinics are gone, replaced instead with plastic screens, hand sanitiser and non-contact thermometers. Insight takes a snapshot of the return-to-work landscape as the sector emerges from COVID-19.

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Operating the corneal eye bank

The Lions Eye Donation Service plays an essential role ensuring the timely retrieval and allocation of corneal transplant tissue. TERRY COUPER discusses its inner workings. Read more

Where are we with MIGS?


The 2014 arrival of MIGS to Australia introduced a whole new field of interventional glaucoma therapies. Queensland ophthalmologist Dr Frank Howes re-defines the term and explores current surgical interventions, explaining where each fits in the glaucoma treatment algorithm. Read more

OAW: Keep calm and carry on patching

Orthoptics Awareness Week is taking place between 1-5 June with the theme ‘Seeing the future’. In the fourth article of a five-part series, Western Australian orthoptist HOLLY BROWN discusses a unique intervention to ensure children keep patching during COVID-19. Read more

OAW: Tips and tricks for testing children’s vision

Orthoptics Awareness Week is taking place between 1-5 June with the theme ‘Seeing the future’. This third article in a five-part series, authored by Queensland paediatric orthoptist FAREN WILLETT, discusses unique ways to test children’s vision. Read more