Pilot credentialed optometrist australia

Keeping an eye on the sky

A pilot’s suitability to fly can often hinge on the assessment of an eyecare professional. While optometrists play a key role in pilot vision assessments today, it hasn’t always been this way. MYLES HUME looks back on optometry’s fight for recognition as aviation eye examiners.

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Glasses in nature

Going green: sustainability in the optical sector

Corporate commitment to environmental sustainability in optical manufacturing is on the rise, and it’s having a trickle-down effect to greener thinking at the practice level. Insight looks at how the optical sector is taking steps to reduce its footprint. Read more

Eyetelligence system AI

Artificial intelligence: eyecare’s friend of foe?

Eyetelligence is a new Australian-developed AI system helping clinicians screen for three types of eye disease. PROFESSOR MING HE – the clinical expert behind the software – discusses why optometrists should embrace the technology and its potential in other health fields.

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Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Service STARS orthoptics australia

Technology and digital integration

BREANNA BAN is a senior orthoptist at a new specialist public hospital in Queensland with a digital first strategy. She discusses the efficiencies, safety and satisfaction new technology brings to the clinic. Read more

Getting to know National Optical Care

National Optical Care has arrived by acquiring 14 practices and launching a new buying group and managed services division. CEO MR JASON GOWIE explains the company’s ambitions for the eyecare sector and how it plans to make a positive impact. Read more

Training is evolving with the times

When asked to write this piece on training I had to reflect on the moments in my career that led to training being such an integral part of what I do. Small things that add up over a lifetime and mould you. Partly it was luck and opportunity, having great leaders and mentors, and having a partner who was also passionate about teaching. Read more

OAW 2021: No day the same in this orthoptist’s clinic

I’ve been a clinical orthoptist for six years and it has been incredibly rewarding. Currently, I am the orthoptist to Dr Ross Fitzsimons who specialises in strabismus and refractive surgery. Additionally, it offers opportunities to run my own orthoptic clinic within the practice. Read more

Darvy Dang cera ophthalmic neuroscience unit Retinal camera Alzheimer's disease

OAW 2021: Clinical research and a new retinal camera

Orthoptics is a versatile field with many opportunities and diverse career options that will continually evolve and expand. Whether you are working in education, research, private or public settings; being an orthoptist means working together with a variety of other individuals and health professionals as a team to deliver the best quality care. Read more

Nabill Jacob orthoptist awareness week OAW

OAW 2021: Blindness, low vision and the orthoptic assessment

Chances are a patient will see an orthoptist when first referred to Vision Australia. Our orthoptists are specialists in low vision and blindness and can functionally assess a patient’s vision, recommend and prescribe low vision aids, as well as provide practical advice and options to the patient, their families and the referring practitioner, among others. Read more

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