An evolution from function to lifestyle and fashion

Transitions Optical was one of the world’s first lens brands marketed directly to consumers. Insight details its transformation from a company with a niche product aimed at functional and clinical needs, to a lens portfolio that fulfils the protection and fashion requirements of a broader market. Read more

Using Medicare to detect glaucoma

An additional 79,000 Australians are expected to develop glaucoma in the next five years, costing the economy $4.3 billion [1]. Specsavers optometry director DR BENJAMIN ASHBY explains some of the strategic initiatives, including OCT and visual fields, in place to mitigate this problem.

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Matching lens and frame curves

Poor lens curve and frame combinations can lead to dissatisfied customers and time-wasting remakes in the laboratory. MURRAY O’BRIEN details some of the most important considerations in this area. Read more

Tipping point – the changing workforce

In the last decade, the optometry workforce has become more feminised and younger, while in ophthalmology women are demanding greater representation and recognition. RHIANNON BOWMAN meets the women striding forward.

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Low vision services and border restrictions

The logistical headaches associated with COVID-19 restrictions are most pronounced in border communities. Orthoptist MEAGAN ANDERSON discusses the impact it is having on low vision clients and clinicians. Read more

Introducing the RANZCO president

From individual patients to national eyecare systems, Tasmanian ophthalmologist Professor Nitin Verma has made it his mission to improve visual outcomes in developing countries. Now he’s bringing his unique knowledge to the RANZCO presidency.

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Full view: Enhancing retinal pathology detection

UK-trained ophthalmologist DR OLIVER COMYN made it a priority to install a state-of-the-art imaging device when he joined a well-known private hospital in New Zealand as its sole retinal specialist. Now that piece of equipment has become an essential part of the clinic.

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Let’s talk about mental health

Eyecare professionals are often high achievers who manage businesses, patients and staff all at once. The stress and pressure can lead to psychological issues. With COVID-19 presenting new problems, Insight checks in on the sector’s mental health. Read more

Addressing blink inefficiency

Although blink efficiency is an essential part of the lacrimal functional unit, it has too frequently not received enough attention from clinicians who are focused on remediating other tear dysfunctions. [1] Read more