Stop under-estimating healthcare isolation

While 71% of Australians live in metropolitan areas of Australia1, it is important to remember country people have poorer access to health services, shorter life expectancy, and up to 1.4 times the burden of disease compared to people living in major cities2.

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Changing the way patients pay

Buy now, pay later is the latest trend in flexible payment services. With financial providers racing to grab their share, what impact is this having for the eyecare sector in terms of new customers, product sales and cash flow? RHIANNON BOWMAN reports.

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Catering for a new optometric era

Trends already shaping modern optometry were set on an even steeper trajectory with the advent of COVID-19. MS HILKE FITZSIMONS explains why Zeiss Vision Care’s future-focused products are well-positioned to support optometry during its next evolution.

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Bringing Usher syndrome into focus

Usherkids Australia’s new webinar series focuses on the latest research and clinical guidelines. Emily Shepard and Hollie Feller discuss collaborating with Orthoptics Australia on the project. Read more

Frames and frame selection

There is an element of physics when it comes to matching a frame to the patient’s head, with the forces of weight and friction playing a big part in overall comfort and fit, writes LEIGH ROBINSON. Read more

Latanoprost – a lasting glaucoma breakthrough

Latanoprost was a game-changing glaucoma therapy and still remains a go-to treatment for many ophthalmologists more than two decades later. PROFESSOR JOHN GRIGG – an investigator on an important clinical trial for the drug in 1996 – traces its history and explains how it fits into the treatment algorithm today.

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Elective surgery post-COVID

An elective surgery shutdown as part of the COVID-19 response wreaked havoc on an already-stretched hospital system last year. Insight checks in on how each state is faring one year on. Read more