Competing with millennial outlets: Part 1

Changing tastes and new retailers are sending younger customers online. In the first of a two-part series, Leigh Robinson explains how trust can get millennials excited and engaged with your practice. Read more

ICCLC turns up the music on contact lenses

In addition to cutting-edge clinical lectures, the CCLSA embraced all things Pink Floyd for the 17th International Cornea & Contact Lens Congress. In part one of his report, LEWIS WILLIAMS details several lectures and awards presented during the event.

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Contact lenses: Going toe-to-toe with online retailers

Online retail has had a far-reaching impact on the eyecare sector, particularly in terms of contact lens sales. MYLES HUME looks at how optometrists can differentiate their businesses to overcome the challenges presented by new e-commerce operators.   Read more

Phantom vision: Common but neglected

Imagine the following scenario: You are 66 years of age, vision-impaired and at home. You enter the bathroom and are astonished to discover a bizarre character wearing an exotic headdress is sitting in the sink. At first you are startled, and perhaps frightened. Read more

Ophthalmology Updates! 2019 – Part 1

Returning for its fourth year, the 2019 Ophthalmology Updates! Conference was the series’ biggest event yet. In the first of a two-part series, LEWIS WILLIAMS looks at the cutting-edge presentations on show.

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IOLs: Bringing the presbyope into focus

As intraocular lenses continue to improve, their popularity is increasing among a variety of patients – even those who don’t require cataract surgery. MYLES HUME asks what it takes to treat one particular type of patient: the presbyope. Read more