Managing your wage compliance

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance,” former US deputy attorney general Paul McNulty once said. JULIE LARKIN explains what Fair Work expects from practices.

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The way forward in 2020

Orthoptics Australia is starting 2020 with a new board and structure, giving the organisation an opportunity to review its priorities. President JANE SCHULLER outlines five she would like to focus on. Read more

Getting a grip on glaucoma

Reducing glaucoma blindness requires a fight on numerous fronts, so what efforts are currently being undertaken in Australia to curb the disease’s impact? Read more

Linking patients with Indigenous artists

Late last year I launched Jukurrpa Designs, a collection of frames inspired by Australian Aboriginal Artwork. The feedback I’ve received on the designs has been fantastic so far, but getting to this point was a very long journey. Read more

Preparing for the worst

It doesn’t take too much for a healthcare practice to have its service disrupted. KAREN CROUCH explains how business continuity planning can mitigate the potential for damage. Read more

In pursuit of progressive perfection

Advances in lens design and manufacturing processes have spurred the development of the ‘premium’ progressive lens market. It has also created endless possibilities for lens makers and eyecare professionals to satisfy any patient who walks through their door. MYLES HUME reports. Read more