Frame adjustment

A brief guide to frame adjustment – Part 1

The final frame adjustment is the icing on the cake in the dispensing process and can often be a defining moment in the patient journey. That’s why it is so important to get right, writes MURRAY O’BRIEN.

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acetate frames manufacturing

What goes into an acetate frame?

With the everyday demands of practice life, it can be easy to lose sight of the effort put into each frame. JED CROTTEY details the design and manufacturing processes behind acetate frames. Read more

Establishing processes for results

In the workshop well-established processes can be the difference between providing quality service or poor outcomes. It’s also an effective tool for training and development, writes Bruce Wain. Read more

Frames and frame selection

There is an element of physics when it comes to matching a frame to the patient’s head, with the forces of weight and friction playing a big part in overall comfort and fit, writes LEIGH ROBINSON. Read more

Vertex distance, every millimetre counts

High-powered lenses still require the back vertex distance to be measured otherwise the wearer may not get the best out of their lenses. Steven Daras dissects this underused dispensing measurement. Read more

A frame is not just a frame

Patients look to optical dispensers for their expertise when it comes to finding the best fitting frame. And the prescription often has a bearing on what’s feasible, writes DINA ANASTAS. Read more

The power of lens decentration

The skill to decentre a lens saves both time and money and can be the defining service that separates the practice from the rest of the pack. ROWAN SMITH details the calculations involved. Read more

Getting to know your product range

Choosing the frame product range can be both an exciting and stressful prospect for any independent practice. It also says a lot about a business, so it’s important to get right, writes EMMA ROBERTS. Read more