Retirement plan Protecting your future

Protecting your future

Health professionals devote their careers to improving their patients’ lives, so why don’t they afford as much attention to their own futures? KAREN CROUCH explains the benefits of planning ahead. Read more

SBM IDRA 01 SBM Sistemi

Teaming up with a SBM Sistemi – a dry eye innovator

BOC Ophthalmic Instruments forged a new alliance with Italian ophthalmic device manufacturer SBM Sistemi four years ago with a focus on innovative dry eye devices. As TONY COSENTINO explains, the relationship has advanced at a rapid pace and there’s more to come in 2021.

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175 years of Zeiss

From pioneering surgical microscopes and slit lamps, to a precision spectacle lens featuring point-focal imagery, Zeiss has an incredibly rich history in optics and ophthalmology. Insight traces its story from a modest workshop in Germany to global tech company.

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ProVision - successionpro

ProVision unveils new exit plan program

Australia’s largest independent optometry group has created a new resource to help practice owners map their path to retirement, with an emphasis on maximising business value and protecting the practice’s legacy. Read more