Cataract Surgery Feature 2023 

With Cataract Surgery being the most-performed elective surgery in Australia, it’s little wonder the field is brimming with new technology. But how do you make your product stand out in a competitive marketplace? 

Insight’s July 2023 issue could be the answer, featuring our annual Cataract Surgery Feature where we focus on what’s new in IOL technology, biometry, instruments, clinical software and government policy, plus more.  

Across its print and digital platforms, Insight has a highly engaged audience of ophthalmologists, the majority whom perform cataract surgery on a regular basis.  

If you’re a company looking to increase market share in this field, have a product or service that will revolutionise the industry, or are offering a competitive advantage over similar offerings – this is a great opportunity. 

Expressions of interest close 24 May 2023.
Limited positions available.

Luke Ronca, Insight brand manager
luke.ronca@primecreative.com.au or 0402 718 081 


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