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Campaign compares lenses with dragonfly

The recently launched NuPolar campaign, which was developed Australia, relates Younger Optics’ polarised lenses to the compound eyes of a dragonfly. Dragonflies are recognised for their highly evolved eyesight, that can perceive the full colour spectrum, UV light, and – appropriately – light polarisation.They have large compound eyes that are said to contain around 30,000 individual facets and up to five visual opsins.Younger Optics ANZ sales and marketing manager Mr Craig Johnston described the campaign as bold and confident, while saying it was unlike anything seen in Australia before.“It’s intriguing, thought provoking and a perfect fit. The dragonfly is a true ruler of its domain, as are NuPolar polarised lenses,” he said.“Eyecare professionals can confidently recommend NuPolar to their patients because it consistently outperforms other polarised prescription lenses and is the accepted global standard. Our laboratory partners are big supporters of NuPolar polarised lenses because they know they are the best polarised lenses for patients and an ideal way for independent practices to differentiate thselves and build practice reputation.”According to Younger Optics, the polarised lenses’ HT Film Technology offers excellent film adhesion with no risk of delamination. Additionally it provides 100% UV blockage and eliminates the fading of lens colour over time.The lenses are suitable for most frames including rimless, wrap and sports frames.Johnston told Insight that the campaign is aimed at optometrists and dispensers, and will run from now until the end of summer.

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