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BOC Instruments introduces new Nidek AL-Scan M biometer

Boc instruments nidek biometer

BOC Ophthalmic Instruments has added the new Nidek AL-Scan M non-contact biometer for myopia management to its suite of diagnostic equipment.

The biometer is said to precisely measure axial length, considered an ideal parameter for predicting and monitoring the progression of myopia.

The AL-Scan M incorporates 3D auto tracking and auto shot functions for simple operation and quick measurement which the company said is advantageous for measuring young children.

As patient history is an important parameter for clinical decision-making, measurements over time can be easily monitored and compared with the growth curve for predicting myopia progression.

Additionally, the intuitive displays are said to be helpful for patient and parental education and to show effectiveness of treatments.

For further information, visit or contact BOC Instruments on Ph: 1800 804 331 or e-mail:

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