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Back-to-school sparks myopia conversation


As students return to classrooms across Australia, lens manufacturer HOYA is urging optometrists, parents and educators to prioritise discussions about myopia, stating that children’s well-being extends beyond academics to the health of their eyes.

The company – which produces the MiYOSMART spectacle lens for myopia control – said the condition is a growing concern, impacting both learning and long-term eye health.1

“Starting the discussion around myopia with parents when children are young is important to raise awareness as myopia progresses faster in children under 12 years old,2” HOYA stated. 

MiYOSMART provides a robust and wide spectrum of evidence, empowering you to meet the needs of diverse patients with confidence.”

The award winning3-5 MiYOSMART spectacle lenses were shown to slow myopia progression by 60% in children aged 8 to 13.6 According to HOYA, the findings of a six-year, long-term follow-up study proved the MiYOSMART spectacle lens myopia control effect is sustained over time for children wearing the lens, with an average cumulative myopia progression less than 1.00D and axial elongation 0.6 mm over six years in children that wore MiYOSMART for the duration of the study.7

A key feature of HOYA MiYOSMART is its availability in both photochromic and polarised options. MiYOSMART Chameleon photochromic lenses are designed to “rapidly adapt to the levels of sunlight, providing children with as much protection as they need at any time and place”.6,7,8

Meanwhile, MiYOSMART Sunbird polarised lenses are described as the ideal addition to MiYOSMART clear spectacle lenses for extra protection from intense sunlight and glare.9,12

“As students gear up for a year of learning and growth, prioritising their eye health becomes crucial. By incorporating HOYA MiYOSMART into their eyewear, parents and educators can play a pivotal role in proactively managing myopia,” HOYA said.

“Let this back-to-school season mark the beginning of a vision-focused approach to education, where clear sight paves the way for academic success and overall well-being.”

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