ATO singles out pharmaceutical industry for ‘special scrutiny’

The Australian Tax Office has singled out the pharmaceutical industry for "special scrutiny" in its examination of corporations moving money offshore to avoid local taxes.After a Senate tax committee recently revealed and shamed technology giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft for that practice, the nation's tax commissioner, Mr Chris Jordan, steered the panel in the direction of 'big pharma' to find other culprits.Mr Jordan suggested senators turn their attention to the drug-manufacturing multinationals, saying the sector displayed similar "attributes of the tech industry" in the way their Australian companies transfer large sums of money to subsidiaries in tax havens around the globe.The method used to calculate sales between countries and regions is known as transfer pricing and has been in the spotlight in Europe, Asia and America as part of tax strategies that draw regulatory scrutiny.
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ABC launches verbal-narration content for blind and vision-impaired people

The ABC has launched a trial of its 'ABC iview Audio Description', which is additional verbal narration that describes visual elents shown on screen during pauses in dialogue. It can describe elents such as scenes, costumes and actions.Consumers who are blind or have a vision impairment will be able to access approximately 14 hours of audio described content each week. The trial started on 14 April and will run for 15 months.The content will also be useful to consumers with a learning disability as it will enhance their understanding of what is happening on screen.
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40 heads roll at BHVI worldwide

About 40 staff mbers at the Brien Holden Vision Institute worldwide, including 10 at the organisation's operation in Australia, have had their ployment ended.
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