A new precedent in peripheral pathology detection

Optos’s ultra-widefield imaging systems are renowned for some of the most superior views of the retina, but the company recently went a step further to incorporate swept source OCT. DR DAVID SIA from Pennington Eye Clinic – Australia’s first practice to have Silverstone installed – discusses why it’s so beneficial for vitreoretinal specialists, ocular oncologists and beyond.

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Stop under-estimating healthcare isolation

While 71% of Australians live in metropolitan areas of Australia1, it is important to remember country people have poorer access to health services, shorter life expectancy, and up to 1.4 times the burden of disease compared to people living in major cities2.

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People on the move – April/May 2021

Welcome to People on the move, a new concept we’re trialling for Insight’s e-newsletter and website to keep the ophthalmic industry updated on new appointments and personnel changes. Read more

Managing workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a widespread problem in the medical profession and can be a difficult path to navigate for all involved. Avant’s SONYA BLACK examines how to identify it and manage complaints. Read more

Catering for a new optometric era

Trends already shaping modern optometry were set on an even steeper trajectory with the advent of COVID-19. MS HILKE FITZSIMONS explains why Zeiss Vision Care’s future-focused products are well-positioned to support optometry during its next evolution.

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