Optive Fusion

Optive Fusion lubricant eye drops are an artificial tear combining hyaluronic acid (HA) and carmellose sodium (CMC) with osmoprotectants to deliver fast relief for dry eyes.

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Patient records – access and ownership

From cyber security to protecting business interests, there are a host of considerations surrounding patient records. KAREN CROUCH drills down into this crucial facet of practice management. Read more

Eyecare in a pandemic: counting the cost of missed appointments

The nation’s first comprehensive look at the impact of reduced optometry services due to the COVID-19 lockdown has been provided in new Specsavers data. Australia and New Zealand optometry director Dr BENJAMIN ASHBY delves into the statistics and outlines a plan to manage the patient backlog.

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Inside an orthoptic-led cataract clinic

A new clinic led by upskilled orthoptists is helping a leading Melbourne hospital reduce cataract wait times and streamline follow up appointments. JULIE TAYLOR reflects on its successes and future plans. Read more