Australia?s first World Glaucoma Congress to host free screenings

The eighth edition of the world’s priere glaucoma meeting, will also help facilitate meetings between patients and leaders in research and clinical practice.The event will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between March 27–30 next year, and 21 symposiums, as well as a session specifically designed for glaucoma patients. The free risk screening clinics are designed promote the importance of regular eye tests for relatives of glaucoma patients, who are 10x more likely to develop the disease.Glaucoma Australia (GA) CEO Ms Annie Gibbins said the patient symposium would involve some of Australia’s leading glaucoma specialists discussing the latest lab-based research, clinical advances and options for improved quality of life.“We’re very excited that the World Glaucoma Congress will be coming to Australia next year for the first time. If you are in Melbourne and you have glaucoma we encourage you to attend this invaluable event,” she said.Dr Hamish Dunn, chair of the Glaucoma Australia Expert Medical Advisory Panel, said detecting glaucoma in people before they lost their vision rained a significant challenge.“We invite all people with glaucoma to bring their relatives, especially their siblings, to this free screening event. This clinic will utilise cutting edge portable technologies to assess your risk of glaucoma,” he said.“Although vision loss from glaucoma is currently irreversible, there have been significant advances in the science and managent of glaucoma in recent years, resulting in an increasing capacity to stop it in its tracks.”