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Australian health fund cards now available on Apple Wallet

Optometrists that use the HICAPS claims and payment system can now accept digital health insurance membership cards via the Apple Wallet platform.

NAB, which owns HICAPS (Health Industry Claims and Payments Service), announced from 27 July that health fund members of Medibank, Bupa, nib, and GU Health can download their digital membership card from their health fund app and add it to their digital wallet on Apple devices.

The move allows customers to make a health insurance claim by holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near any HICAPS terminal in Australia, rather than swiping a plastic membership card. Customers can also pay for gap payments using Apple Pay.

NAB executive for business everyday banking Ms Tania Motton said the bank was excited to offer health practitioners – including optometrist, dentists and physiotherapists – the ability to accept digital health insurance membership cards.

“Digital technology is rapidly changing the way merchants receive payments – with more customers choosing contactless over cash. This is an exciting enhancement that will further support those who prefer a more digital experience,” she said.

“Claims made using this method help reduce the time spent on manual processing for practitioners due to forgotten plastic cards, while putting money back in customers’ bank accounts quicker.”

When patients use their digital health fund card, they receive real-time notifications about their claim within their health fund’s app.

According to NAB, when customers add a health insurance membership card to Apple Wallet, the customer identifier number is encrypted during transmission to the terminal. It is then only decrypted by HICAPS and then passed on to the customer’s health insurer.

Apple doesn’t receive information about the health insurance claim as there is a direct, encrypted connection between the user’s device and the HICAPS terminal.

Formed in June 1998, HICAPS is part of NAB Health – a group of specialised businesses within NAB that cater to the healthcare industry.

More than 89,000 health practitioners use the system that is available in more than 25,000 health practices Australia-wide.

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