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Aussie-developed OCT

Cylite is an Australian-based company developing the next generation of diagnostic OCT systems for ophthalmology and optometry.

The company’s hyperparallel OCT (HP-OCT) is said to be a world-first, capturing volume data and overcoming the eye-motion limitations of previous OCT generations.

“HP-OCT has been engineered to give industry-leading A-scan speeds (over 300,000 a-scans/sec) to assist you with your patient management by providing accurate OCT measurements in one easy-to-use instrument; improving workflow efficiencies and reducing your equipment footprint requirements,” the company stated.

“In one scan, the HP-OCT captures full white-to-white and beyond topography and elevation maps (anterior and posterior cornea), true 3D volume data for detailed anterior segment OCT imaging, and complete biometry measurements including axial length. The HP-OCT also images the retina.”

Cylite’s overall aim is to provide whole eye diagnostics, superior imaging quality, and accurate analytics to enable clinicians to make more informed decisions for better patient outcomes.


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