AMA elects new president

A Sydney neurosurgeon, Professor Owler, will preside over the AMA for a fixed two-year term after a successful stint as AMA (NSW) state president.
The driving force behind the ‘Don’t Rush’ anti-speeding campaign, Professor Owler has also been a prominent campaigner for stronger laws to minimise alcohol-related violence, anda vocal advocate for greater community education about the health harms caused by alcohol abuse.
However, leading the charge against the $7 budget co-payment for GP visits and medical tests will be his first priority in the top seat.”Not only do we have to protect GPs but we also have to make sure we protect the most vulnerable in our society,” Professor Owler said.
Professor Owler praised outgoing AMA president, Dr Steve Hambleton, as “doing an excellent job”.
“Thanks to Steve, the AMA is in a very good position going forward.”
Professor Owler and Dr Parnis, another prolific preventive health campaigner, started their two-year terms immediately on 25 May.

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