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Alcon launches Systane Complete in Australia and New Zealand

Alcon Systane Complete

Alcon has expanded its range of preservative-free eye drops with the addition of Systane Complete Preservative-free. The lubricating eye drop combines the long-lasting formulation of Systane Complete with a multi-dose, preservative-Free bottle, the company announced.

According to Alcon, Systane Complete uses Systane’s Intelligent Delivery system of HP-Guar and borate in combination with nano-lipid technology to support all layers of the tear film and relieve the symptoms of all types of dry eye – aqueous deficient, evaporative and mixed dry eye.

“Upon instillation the HP-Guar and borate crosslink to form a viscoelastic meshwork,” the company stated.

“This meshwork forms a bandage over the ocular surface, preferentially binding to damaged areas of the cornea and increasing retention of the demulcents in the drop, for extended protection and lubrication.”3,4

Alcon said the nano-emulsion had been formulated with mineral oil and a patented anionic phospholipid delivered in nano-sized lipid droplets. The nano-size droplets faciliate migration to the top of the tear film to replenish the lipid layer and help stabilise the tear film.1,2,6

The bottle features patented PureFlow Technology, which is comprised of a one-way valve to ensure no contaminated liquid can be re-introduced into the container and a fine silicone membrane to filter returned air. The bottle has a low squeeze force and features a blue tip to aid targeting of the eye for ease of installation.5

This eye drop is suitable for those with mild-moderate dry eye* in any of the sub-categories (ADDE, EDE or mixed)1,2 and it provides relief of symptoms of dry eye for up to eight hours.

*recommendation based upon expected on-eye viscosity.


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