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Dr Jacqueline Beltz launches beauty brand for sensitive eyes

OKKIYO accessible beauty

A new accessible beauty brand, OKKIYO, is poised to hit the online market in early November. Developed by renowned Melbourne ophthalmologist Dr Jacqueline Beltz, the range has been designed for people with sensitive eyes and eye conditions.

As OKKIYO avoids typical irritants, it is suitable for use by contact lens wearers, and those with dry eyes and allergies. It also reports to be the first Australian beauty brand to cater to the over two billion people in the world with low vision.

Dr Jacqueline Beltz

The brand’s hero product, PRIORITEYES, has been formulated over three years, which is described as a multi-purpose mascara that defines, volumises, nourishes and protects eyelashes. Specifically designed for sensitive eyes, the mascara contains medical-grade Manuka honey as part of a scientifically based formula to protect the eye area.

In addition, PRIORITEYES Mascara features an accessible design with braille and accessibility codes for consumers to scan to have information and ingredients read out to them.

Additionally, the mascara is packed in square tubes so it cannot roll way.

Alongside the mascara product, OKKIYO has created cleansing cloths to remove traces of eye makeup, dirt and oil effectively from the eye area. The range also features a magnifying mirror so users can touch up their makeup without their glasses on.

A proportion of the profits will go to supporting Aboriginal Eye Health, improvements for people with low vision and general eye health research.

Beltz is a trusted industry voice, with over two decades of experience in the ophthalmology sector.

A previous director of training for ophthalmology in Victoria, current co-president of the Australasian Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, she is now adding founder and CEO of OKKIYO to her professional repertoire.

“With more products already in the pipeline, Dr Beltz hopes to disrupt the beauty industry and change the game for those with vision impairments, eye sensitivity and allergies,” the company said.

OKKIYO will be sold online at www.okkiyo.com.au

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