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Insight has been the leading industry publication in Australia for more than 40 years. This longevity is largely due to our ability to consistently deliver accurate and independent news relevant to all ophthalmic professionals and their supporting industry.

More than any other ophthalmic publication, Insight challenges readers through intelligent reporting and analysis, coupled with a hard-hitting approach. There’s no bias or affiliations here. We identify the issues that need to be covered, and thereby inspire debate and discussion. Perhaps that’s why Insight has developed into more than a newspaper. Insight is a recognised brand for delivering in-depth quality information designed for today’s ophthalmic professionals.

Insight is highly-targeted with a focus on optometrists and ophthalmologists who are making key purchasing decisions within their practice.

When it comes to gaining the attention of senior decision makers, Insight delivers a “waste free” media option and an ideal platform to help deliver that market-share edge.

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