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Contract laws require close consideration

Contracts in the workplace

Following on from her recent articles on establishing a practice, KAREN CROUCH examines the relevant employment contracts for employees of various categories. Read more »

How to write for SEO (and why it matters)

SEO remains a necessary part of consumer marketing and writing for search-engine optimisation starts with a strong page title and description. SIMON DELL reports. Read more »

Client records – access and ownership

The importance of sound administration policies related to the safe storage and access of client records cannot be overstated. KAREN CROUCH examines best practice for both management and employees. Read more »

Markets, mergers and misinformation: Essilor chief sets the record straight

The Essilor-Luxottica merger has been one of the most hotly debated topics in the optical world since it was announced in February 2017. COLEBY NICHOLSON sat down with Essilor Australia’s recently appointed chief operating officer to discuss its impact on the local market and his overall view on the future of optometry. Read more »
Explain any issues to patients in language they can understand

How to lose customers without trying

You failed them again, be honest and face the facts. You worked hard for years to build a loyal customer base, and now your customers are leaving in droves. STEVE DIGIOIA discusses what went wrong. Read more »
Staff appraisals promote two-way feedback

Setting up a private practice - phase three

In the third and final instalment of her series on establishing a practice from scratch, KAREN CROUCH details the steps required to ‘go live’ after the initial start-up is completed. Read more »

Performance review tips for managers

Striking a balance between praise and constructive criticism can make staff performance reviews more productive for all parties. BARBARA CROWHURST reports on ways to get the most out of the process. Read more »

Setting up a private practice - phase one

Starting your own practice is an exciting and potentially rewarding prospect. But, it can be scary too, which is why KAREN CROUCH has created a special three part series to assist you with this endeavour. Read more »

Assessing a patient's fitness to drive

With an increasingly ageing population, KAREN CROUCH explains the sometimes-complicated task practitioners face when reviewing the fitness levels of their elder patients and their ability to drive. Read more »

The power of benchmarking

KAREN CROUCH delves into the importance of comparing your practice not only against its performance from last year, but also your competitors. Read more »

Five steps to achieve staff engagement

Managers play a leading role in establishing and fostering employee engagement. PAUL KEIJER outlines five ways to improve staff motivation and emotional wellbeing. Read more »

Strong fundamentals, sound practice

It’s all too easy to criticise the performance of admin staff; the instinctive reaction is to blame the employee. However, as KAREN CROUCH explains, it’s important to first examine internal factors. Read more »


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