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Can your practice have too much choice?

The psychology of choice is an important factor when selling eyewear. GRAHAM JONES suggests optical professionals could take a lesson from the world of online dating. Read more »

Relationship selling is not dead

Technology is transforming the way practices interact with their clients, but ROSS SIMMONDS says relationships remain just as important as ever, even if the way they are forming has changed. Read more »

How to increase sales with the 'obvious'

No matter your profession, the science of selling isn't particularly deep and often the answer to improving sales is easier than you think. BOB PHIPPS discusses some obvious but often neglected areas. Read more »
Extraordinary salespeople relate individually to each customer

Rules of engagement

The right and wrong ways to engage a customer can determine if a sale will happen before it even begins. DOUG FLEENER presents three steps sure to help sales staff go to the next level. Read more »


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